Tuesday, 26 May 2015


A marriage is one of the most important part of an individual‘s life. It’s the coming together of two souls and families.  The traditional Wedding in India is a multi-day affairs and involve intricate ceremonies such as :- Mehendi , sangeet ki raat , sagan ceremony and the final ceremony ends with Mangal pheras – in which the bride and groom circles the sacred fire to complete the ritual of wedding  which is a prominent part according to the Hindu mythology.

Making your special moment an unforgettable celebration, we at Yellowpepper provide personalized and innovative wedding services which include the Pre-to-Post wedding event management, catering services and much more. The venue decoration and the jai-mala themes, along with an arrangement of a traditional decorated Palki (Doli); to make bride feel special like a princess during her wedding ceremony; is completely our responsibility. So, you, take a chill pill and just count all the mesmerizing memories that you’ll make in those special days!

Have a wonderful life!


Monday, 18 May 2015


Hola everyone! 

We've a very enticing contest for all of you. Inbox us your most unique recipe! The one which appeals to our head-chef the most, will be declared as THE WINNING AROMA! SO, concentrate on each and every aspect, from ingredients to garnishers!

Of course, we do have a prize for you- A WHOOPING AMOUNT OF RS. 10,000/- CASH!

Hurry up! Wear your chef-caps! 



She is so beautiful. So amazing. So pretty. Quintessential. Just like Aladin’s Jasmine. Why does she look like that! I can’t concentrate on my work. She enthralls me like Doraemon. (I know I am a big boy but I do love Doraemon.) She dons herself with such beautiful accessories. Her tinkling smile and glittering eyes make me go gala over her. She already has big wary eyes but at times she puts that black thing as an outline. That’s so disturbing, you know! Above all, her eyeballs keep scrutinizing everyone at work. Her turbulent gaze misses none. Well, I am glad for that. That way, she notices me. Why did God made her with such captivating prowess? Either she paid him a million dollars or he had a crush on her. What else could be an apt reason!
My heart wishes to be her confidante. My kidneys wish to be her Rajma Chawal. My lungs wish to be her Pepsi. My brain wishes to be her brownie. My intestines wish to be her snakes (She pets them. Valiant na!). And a complete ‘I’ just want to look at her. Daydream her.

I never want to go to a prison. They don’t have beds with fluffy mattresses. And the pillows too. But if there’s a prison where I can all day just, just, just stare her, then today after lunch I’ll murder Ram.
I so envy that fat butt Ram. He is always running behind her as if she gonna fetch him Cheesy pizza. I really don’t like to accept this fact but yes, they both mingle very well. He’s intelligent after all. They are almost each other’s favorite. Bloody Ram! I hope his jeans get tighter day by day. And that Mahi! Why is she adored by her? So what if she has a beautiful name, I could have it too (only if my parents asked me). My name is Shankey. And our peon’s name is Shankar. So, at some ugly times of my life, because of my name-that-is-already-a-pet-name name, I am called as ‘Shankar’ and Shankar as ‘Shankey’.  That lucky dude.

Oh, just look at her setting her floral dupatta. She ain’t able to. I wish I were a girl. I could have then moved towards her carrying all my little elegance and skeptical fingers. Of course, I would have boosted up my fingers for they are totally useless but today, they were going to perform their maiden important action of their lives. Unfortunately, I need them because my eyes can’t do that. Damn Universe. Alas! She did it herself. Oh, but hold on! She’s coming here. Towards me. I should pretend working. Working hard. Oh no! I can’t find that irritating stick that I have to hold all day and doodle. What do we call that? Whatever. I got it. I borrowed it from Meera. She’s dumb. I would never lend my holder to anyone no matter what. Because if it’s gone for once, it’s gone for forever.

Here she comes. My heart is beating loudly like Tiger’s. Tiger, my dog. Oh, she’s here. By the way, why is she coming here? May be just to say a Hello, though she never says that. My hair. Shit. My shirt is half out. Shit. Shit. Shit. I can’t go to the washroom now. She’s coming. She has come.
“Shankey, have you done your Maths Homework? The addition sums that I wrote in your notebook yesterday?”
“Umm.. no Miss. I was ill. I didn’t get them. Will you teach me today after recess period?”
“Oh, poor boy! It’s okay. Come to staff room after recess. Okay?”
“Okay Miss!”

Ram can be murdered later. But Rosy Miss needs my attention today. And so do the addition sums. J

PS- Now you know why I don’t do my homework.