Monday, 30 March 2015


NATURE holds the best scenes. One doesn't need a DSLR camera for these views. Capture them in your mind! Plan your occasions at such picturesque views and experience one helluva of experience!

The surreal road!

The pretty tines!

                                                                      The contagious smile!

                                                                  The garland of pure love!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Maine mehngi se mehngi ghadi pehni
Par waqt mere anusaar na chala

Maine sbse purani sharaab pee li
Par thehra hua paani mjhe kahin na mila

Suna hai paise se badi koi cheez nhn hoti
Par khareedne se sukh milta nhn
Aur dukh ka koi khareedar nhn hota

Maine zindagi se kuch abi seekha to nhn
Par log saadgi mein jeene nhn dete

Rut-ae-zindagi zara apna pta to bta
Shayyad mere ahem ko raasta mil jae!
Aaj haath thaam k chala le
Shayad mere naino ko chadta suraj dikh jae!!

Kehte hain aflatoon b us panchi k pas aata hai
Jo pankh khol k udaan bharta hai
Log salaam use krte hain
Jiske hunar ka sikka chalta hai!

Waqt ki udaan ka andaaza hi kya
Palat k dekho
Sadak k us paar ka bhikhari b ghadi pehenta hai!

Monday, 16 March 2015


Not an evening where we’d walk on a concrete road. Not an evening where the piano strings would matter. Not an evening where the champagne glasses would mark our enthusiasm. Not an evening where an audience would judge our ardent love.

But an evening where we’d walk in woods. An evening where the taps of our feet would titter. An evening where the stars and the moon would be our flabbergasted spectators. An evening where we’d bow on the knee and dance in the shadows of twilight. An evening where we’d sing the chords of darkness and beauty of night. An evening where ‘You’ won’t be and ‘I’ won’t be, but ‘We’ would be.

Tell me darling; won’t you have an evening where our souls would be naked? Won’t you have an evening where I’d kiss the hidden layer of your skin beneath the rose? Won’t you have an evening where we’d dance carefree? Won’t you have an evening where the leaves would be disguised? Won’t you have an evening where we’d don the fog? Won’t you have an evening which would be remembered as a heyday in our history? 

Together we’d spur a legacy of wild, passionate and torrid love. Together we’d set a statue of a gaiety, euphoric mood. Together we’d walk, together we’d dance. Together we’d! 

What say love? 

Friday, 13 March 2015


*One more*

The piled stack of files, resting on his desk, was the last thing in the world he was interested in. He couldn't wait to eradicate from those dull covers and gloomy cubical. They reminded him of those tussling days when the radical swankie in him was brutally killed by his current-form. The need of coins volunteered to be the weapon.

The monotonous eyes constantly stared at the vintage clock. He was giving up on his patience-level. After all, it was Saturday’s sunny afternoon. Any normal human being won’t stand for it, would he? Of course, he was normal.

The clock’s needle struck at 2 and his heartbeat rose to the peeks of mountains. He threw a careless look at the stack, hurriedly picked up the car keys and rushed out; his leather shoes hitting hard on the white tiled floor.

He intended to reach on time; else she’d frown at him. He despised her frown more than he despised a working-Saturday. One wish that he asked from Mother Nature to bestow over him was desolated roads. Well, he was blessed. Atleast somewhere. Eyes were cheerful now; foot on accelerator was in high spirits; ears were ignoring the blatant horns; lungs were happy inhaling fresh air; lips separated involuntarily and exposed the weak yet smiling teeth.

Finally, he was going to meet her. The love of his life. His lifeline. The former name of world. The yellow leaf of autumn. The blue horizons. The winter’s fog. The blooming buds. The baby’s giggle. The void roads. The Sunday.

It’s been 1 month and 12 days since he last met her. Back at his home, his parents didn't enable him to see her or visit her. The emotional blackmail worked in their favor. As a genuine reason, they couldn't bear their son to undergo those despairing cells once again.

But now, everything was finalized. Maybe, the odds were his crutches. He was all set to splurge in his remaining Saturday with her. What better could she do to him!

He couldn't stop thinking of her. The galore of strange feelings kept bouncing back from the skeptical walls of his brain. That moment was a scintillating moment. He was a slave to the hedonist in him. The truth was to be spoken today. The great news was to be delivered today. Yes, it’s high time. Not that, she never imagined or expected it, but anyhow, she had to hear those words from those pale but for-the-time-being pink lips.

Outside the The-Flower-Frolic shop, his car stopped with a screeching jerk. It’s a special day and indeed, he intended to make it even more worthy with prowess. As usual, he got artificial white lilies for her. She had been a huge hater of those, proffering real flowers as bouquet. She believed in the beauty of a flower only when it’s planted, not plucked.

On the next red light, Bindu knocked at his window, asking him which Diya he would buy this time. He was her regular customer. He bought a tiny little Diya for Dia. She was as glorified as her name. Isn't Dia beautiful like her name? He thought to himself and a lovely dimple tinkled on the left corner of his lips.

There he was. He had reached the destination. He could sit there and talk to her from the moon and back. Like really 24*7. It was twilight. The sun was waving him Bon Voyage. Today, it was really going to be a journey. He took a deep breath and went in. He was going to tell her. It was time.

She was sleeping peacefully. She was still beautiful. He wiped off the dust particles from her grave and drove back in the flashback. Because that is where, he can see her, adore her and decorate her. Once during her chemotherapy, she told her father her last wish.
“Papa, on my grave, under my name, will you please write my everlasting message for you?”

“No.” He replied bluntly. For heaven’s sake, she was just 7 years old. She was supposed to ask for chocolates, teddy bears, frocks, kitchen sets, dollhouses, art books and all that pink stuff.

But that was simply beyond imagination. When the skies had to snatch her back, then why did they bestow her over him! The flood of tears found their way.

The eyes were then watering, now watering. He took a step forward and kissed her debossed name on her grave. She kissed him back.

Wasn't this the purest form of unconditional love? Was it defined? Was it weeping?

The soul may rest in peace but the hearts left behind never. Love does cease, but it continues in the parallel world. Diyas don’t keep the love alive, neither do the white lilies. But the emotions, sentiments and feelings do.

Whilst he read her everlasting message- ‘Kiss me, I’m conditioned to respond’, he gave her the big news, “Tomorrow, I’m going to adopt one more child, one more daughter.”

Monday, 9 March 2015


Hello beautiful people!

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Hello beautiful people,

Soon you all would be splashing in the water of colors and dancing on the merry tunes of this vivid and joyful festival. Our best wishes to you. Life is worth living. One ought to paint his/her life with the darnedest colors.

But make sure, no one gets hurt. That will just spoil the festival of so many along with yours. Do not tease street dogs and other innocent animals. Try using eco-friendly colors and minimized usage of water. Trust is, this is a much cooler way.

YELLOWPEPPER wishes you a very colorful and joyful day.


Tuesday, 3 March 2015


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