Thursday, 25 June 2015

6 Reason Why Indian Cuisine is Lusty

The Traditional food of India "Taste mai Best"!

Indian cuisine is known for its large array in dishes. India is rich in its culture as every culture has its own food types and style of adding flavor. We use spices in food as painter uses color on walls. Indian food taste divine as it does something folk with ingredients.

6 Reason Why Indian Cuisine is Lusty 

1. Khane ka khazana: India having different cultures and those cultures has their own food specialty.       We can eat variation in food.

2. Swadh Sugandh ka Raja: Indian food is fragrant and rich as we are obsessed to food “khushboo          aur dekhne mai acha hona chaiye tabhi swad ayega’

3. Taste Bhi Health Bhi:  Indian food is good for health all the components of food are found in it.

4. Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye: Not only spicy food tasted, but there is variation of candied food also.

5. Swad Zindagi Ka: Each spice is adversely placed in the recipe to bring flavor with rest of the               ingredients. “Khaye jao khaye jao spices ke gund Gaye jao”

6.  No Confusion, Great Combination:  Lurking flavor compounds flapped in a single dish and                  discover very different from other cuisine.

Eat healthy! Taste variation in food spicy, salty and sweet Mamma miya  ! 

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Foodie World, Foodie Aura and Foodie Mobs! 

Most of the youth are obsessed to food and a love food as if it is their "bf" Best friends. Looking just at food, mouths become watery. Making food is "Kala" an art. As their 'kala' is seen in their flavor. We react like "Isme kick hai”.
11 reasons why Master Chefs are perfect:

1. Exist as Coordinators and team player accompanying each other.

2. "Khaana asan hai, banna mushkil" making food is 'kala' skill and knowledge is applied in preparation of food.

3. Their craft is appreciable they don’t waste utilize every foodstuff as Perfectionist.

4. Every day available, no offs. Provided variation and rich and royal cuisine.

5. Work in fast pace, serving time as money as food provided to ample people.

6. Knowledge of spices, taste, foodstuffs. Food creation taste divine when apply craft to art.

7. Playing with ingredients come out with inventive and exclusive essence.

8. Vegetables are craved in innovative manner with equitable shape and size.

9. Serve masses with splendid eatable. They decide Do they find kick in the meal or not?

10. Tremendous passion in creation of food shines their buzz and gratifying themselves.

11. Crisp experiments supplement their exposures as lots of practice enumerates experiences.

Eat What You Want And Live Your Life. "Zindgi Na Milegi Dubara”. Crafty World creates variation so grab them, don’t let it go. If you love to eat you are the best people ever.