Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Pre- wedding ceremonies in india

Shaddi ka rang tab chadta hai, jab khushiyo se ghar sajti hai.

 Indian culture has numerous rituals and ceremonies which are lavish and elaborative. The best thing about Indian wedding is so many occasions, new dresses to wear, bliss with fun and frolic is added to the rituals. Wedding means gathering of friends and relatives to enjoy all the function together.

Pre- wedding ceremonies in India

Roka ceremony

This is a smooth ceremony which is attended by only close family members. Bride family visiting groom , in the absence of their daughter and giving Sagan. 

Engagement ceremony

 It’s a time between marriage proposal and marriage. Rings are exchanged between bride and groom in front of family relatives and friends. The couple is said to be engaged. 

Tilak ceremony

In this ceremony Bride’s brother applies Tilak to groom’s forehead and gives him gifts. In this ceremony bride is not present.

Mehendi ceremony

It’s a most cultural ceremony as this function is celebrated at both groom and bride house .The Mehendi is applied on brides hand and feet. The best part is Mehendi is also applied on groom hand also. “Mehendi ka rang ghera hoga, to pati bhaut pyaar karega”

Sangeet ceremony

“Dholki ki sang gana bajana aur nachna”. The ceremony of full on fun and joy friends and relative do lots of dancing and singing rejoice the occasion. Traditional song of suhag is sung.

Haldi ceremony

It’s like an in-home-beautification process before wedding. It is celebrated in outdoor spacious.  ‘Haldi Ubtan ‘is prepared at home and applied on both on brides and grooms face, arms and feet. “Haldi lagane se rang nikhar ke ata hai “.

Shaddi ka bandhan bandh jayegaDulhan KO Dhula le jayega!

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Decorate your days with memories.

All days are special and so as are events. Once in a while we all had a moment to celebrate our special day with our loved once in a grand style.And make that moment memorable and exclusive. And what makes it more special, that is an ambiance, the food of our culture which gives us the charm to memorize it.Events are always been special to everyone; we all want to celebrate at its best. For some people it is to wear different attires, some for food, some for ambience and for some is the happiness of everyone what makes an event festive.
So this time celebrate your event with yellow peppers and caters and make your event more lively and memorable.