Friday, 31 October 2014


YELLOWPEPPER has a wide range of APPETIZERS for you. So, before you start your meal, just have the best part of your meal! Because appetizers will actually stimulate your hunger. So, just have a look on the wide variety of appetizers that we provide.

1- GRILL: We serve the best fresh cooked hot grilled dishes! You'd rather want to make our grilled appetizers your meal! For more details, click here:

2- CHINESE: Well, this cuisine is a favourite of all. Be it little kids or may be the adolescents.  Have the cutlets, dumplings, wraps and rolls and there you go! You are in a world of your dreams! The details are here only:

3- SOUPS: now this is something that anyone and everyone can make, but what matters is who makes it delicious! We are pretty sure that we are well aware of which ingredients to use and in what manner! Try your luck with us because we are here to do the best and provide the best! Click here to know more:

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Sunday, 26 October 2014


1- DRY FRUIT: Dry fruits have a special reserved quota in your serving trays. These little elements are actually the delicacies of festive season. They have their own aura, so serve these for sure because these definitely boost the festive feeling.

2- SWEETS: Sweets are indeed the essence of our lives. No matter which festival it is, sweets are must. They are actually the sole of our festival. So serve all the evergreen favourites like Gulabjamun, Shakkarpaare, Jalebi  to your guests and they'll surely leave with a heart touching smile.

3- BAKED COOKIES: There are many type of people in the world and one type covers those who are not much into sweets. Though it's ironical in case of Indians but to be at a safer side, serve baked cookies. These will continue the festive mood and anti-sweets person would surely love it as well.

4- HALWA: The fragrance of Halwa; that reaches even outside your home; gives a message to everyone that yes! There is something special. Something good. Something auspicious. Something like a festival. So, bless your kitchen with any kind of Halwa may be, Sooji, Aata or Moong ki daal too!

5- KHEER/CUSTAD: The same elegance and mood is passed by these two delicacies. Your taste buds would love to have some Indian ritual taste as a culture.

6- CORNS: Well, don't take sweets and Meetha over the top. Every that person who you'd be greeting, would already have enough of Meetha, so serve something that's a bit different. Serve corns because these are definitely light for your tummy and in terms of taste, they surely do not have much competitors.

7- CUTLETS/PAKODAS: Cutlets or Pakodas are tastier and they keep enlightening up the festive spirit. These are easy and fast to cook so serve these. Above all, everyone loves them.

8- IDLI: Just an Idli with a vegetable tadka or rai & hari mirch tadka would work. This dish looks so familiar while serving and hence, everyone already have a pre-developed taste for it. It will as a matter of fact sparkle your ambiance.

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Monday, 20 October 2014


Ah! Well, who doesn't love a COCKTAIL PARTY! A cocktail party is indeed a stress-buster and an eve-rocker!
We at YELLOWPEPPER have gained an expert - experience in organising these cocktail parties. We completely understand the need of the hour, ambiance, and aura required for a party to be enjoyed and remembered. So, if you wish to tinkle your glasses and raise a toast for any or every happy moment of your life, make it worth under the chandelier of your desires!
Moreover, a life well celebrated is always a life well lived!
YELLOWPEPPER is always ready for celebrating your events the way you want. So come to us, feel free, tell us your wants and bang! You are done!
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Saturday, 18 October 2014


YELLOWPEPPER has always believed in creating an incredible aura and ambiance. The optimistic attitude, the positive feelings, the fresh factors in the air always blow one's mind with the beauty of their surroundings. An event when celebrated as a beautiful occasion, it becomes a memorable one! Since last 10 years, our creative team of designers have been giving astonishing results for which we have been receiving inevitable appreciation from all the bigwigs. And this is the root cause why we are on the topmost stair of Design and Decor industry. The unique and creative decorations bring an enthusiasm to the occasion with cheerful vibes.  

We understand the requirements, needs and the want of our customer. We do our work from our customer's point of vision and thereby, abstract inter-understanding has led us to indeed successful moments.

Friday, 17 October 2014


Indians' second home is where food is! And even when their tummy has no space for a single inch, it does have for something and that something is SAMOSA! No matter, how completely filled their tummy is, it is always on for a samosa!
We bring you 9 different forms of samosa which you could not have heard of:-

1- AALOO SAMOSA: It is the most common samosa and when you hear the word samosa, this type always strikes to your brain cells. Made of boiled mashed potatoes, it is undoubtedly one would die for.

2- PIZZA SAMOSA: The Italian version of samosa is here. Made up of all the pizza stuff like mayonnaise sauce and origano, this definitely is mouth-watering.

3- MACRONI/PASTA SAMOSA: One more modernised version of samosa is here with us. Macroni/pasta is a dish that attracts every foody and therefore, the chefs have a very reasonable reason to invent this kind of samosa.

4- VEG KEEMA SAMOSA: This one is made in the form of keema which is entirely vegetarian. With all the spices of cauliflower, this is indeed an invention for taste buds.

5- CHOWMEIN SAMOSA: Here is the Chinese version now. We Indians have a taste for Chinese food, so surely this one is also OUR food.

6- SHAHI PANEER: The favorite dish of anyone or everyone is undoubtedly this one. So, a trial with shahi paneer is obviously worth a shot.

7- CHILLI PANEER: Again, with all the capsicums and paneer, we have this spicy form. Try it and you'll thank us.

8- MATAR PANEER: Paneer should be known as our National food because we simply need an opportunity to mix and match it with anything. It's time for peas now.

9- GUJIYA: It is a sweet samosa or we can better call it samosi. Quite sweet in taste, it is specially eaten on the occasion of Holi.
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Thursday, 16 October 2014


A celebrity is always the center of attention no matter where does he/she steps. It's a unique and latest trend of all the glorious parties. With the celebrity, an incredible aura and glamour are also added to your party.
Our team of YELLOWPEPPER have a very remarkable network because of which we can get the celebrities into your parties at minimum affordable prices and without any kind of complications.
We can provide you with all the celebrity-related facilities like celebrity management, celebrity promotions, celebrity appearances, celebrity performances.
We believe,
"You say the name and we'll get you the fame!"

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014


“My darling boy is here, how was the lunch sweetheart?” asked Tani to her son in the sweetest of voice, taking his oversized bag off from his back.
“Mom it was okay.”
“Only okay?”
“Why so?”
“I don’t know.”
“Oh darling, I’ll get you nachos with the dips tomorrow. I am sure you’d love them.”
“Hmm, okay.”

“Aarya, beta go out and play. See, everyone is playing. Why are you sitting here alone with your story-books?”
“Because, I want to read stories now.”
“But baby, it’s important to play too. See, how much fun every child is having outside!”
“Ummm, it’s okay mommy, I don’t want to leave now.”
Tani was worried. Aarya was least interested in any of the fun-activities. Tani cooked the best food considering it to work. But no, it didn’t. He never appreciated it. She was unhappy of her son’s cryptic-cipher behavior. He was always procrastinating the important chapters of his life like playing with the kids, laughing and chatting. This was unusual of him. Since the day, he has been admitted to his new school, things changed. Aarya changed. She thought of talking to his class teacher but could figure out void.  The teacher told him that it’s normal, he has a reserved and introvert personality. Many students have. Moreover, his teacher has never seen him sitting alone in a corner of class. He was always accompanied by some boys.
But Tani was Aarya’s mother. She knew him from the top of her head to the bottom of her toe. She knew the difference between an introvert and a gloomy perspective. She was now almost prepared for admitting him into either a new school or his old school.

Until, one day when he came back to school and exclaimed to her mother, “Mommy, lunch was tasty today. You should cook like this everyday!”
Tani was amused as well as stunned. It has been ages since she saw her son’s smile reaching his eyes. It reached today but she couldn’t get the reason. Was it seriously the food only? She didn’t do anything unusual. It was all a routine. She wanted to figure out.
The next day, Tani gave Aarya club sandwiches as his lunch.
Aarya was home, and Tani waited for his reaction. Aarya exclaimed with joy, “Mommy, sandwiches were tasty!”
She kissed his forehead with love. This was the only thing her son talked about.
“Mommy, you are good at quality, but you should work on quantity too!” Aarya smirked! Hearing this, Tani was extremely happy as she could sense a little bit of sense of humor in his tone. She suddenly thought of extending the conversation. May be, she could dig out some logical reasons.
“Really, but I gave you the regular amount of sandwiches.”
“But mommy, now I do not eat alone, I have a friend who eats with me.”
Now this was a news. Suddenly, it struck to Tani, Aarya never talked about any of his friends.
“Oh! That’s good! Who’s the friend?”
“His name is Anil. He didn’t bring his lunch box today.  So he ate with me.”
“Okay! And what about your other friends? The other boys? Tell me something about them also. “
Ah! Tani had unintentionally touched is wounds. Yes, his wounds. All of a sudden, he stood up to leave. But Tani held his hand. She asked in her lovable tone, “ Beta, please let me know what happened? I am your mother and I can be your best friend. You can share everything with me. I take the swear of God, I will not tell anyone. You are my best boy, my darling, my sweetheart, tell me once, what’s wrong baby? I promise I’ll help you, give you a solution and will not tell anyone!”
Hearing her words, Aarya started crying. He was in a tender age. He hugged his mother and cried bitterly. Tani too had tears in her eyes, but she wiped them immediately. She had to be strong to make her son strong. She again said, “Bolo beta, kya hua?”
“Mommy, since the day I’ve entered this school, no boy of my class talks to me. Although I daily sit with them,  but they don’t talk to me and instead make fun of me.  I tried once to talk, but they told me rudely that they do not want any other boy in their group. That is why, I had to eat my lunch alone daily. And I am very scared, may be, when the boys of our colony would come to know me, they will also stop talking to me. This is the reason I do not want to go anywhere, I do not want to talk to anyone, I am very scared mommy, no one likes me, no one loves me!”
Aarya was crying badly, but continued, “Yesterday, Anil didn’t bring his tiffin box and therefore, I offered him mine. He agreed, although he was scared of his friends. I promised him that I’ll not tell anyone. Then he came and ate with me. We both shared our food, we both talked and we became friends. Yesterday was the best day of school, mommy!”
Tani was finally glad. Aarya spoke his heart out! She knew what to do now. She told him not to worry and everything will be fine soon within two days. Hearing this, Aarya was happy!
The next day Tani told Aarya to go to everyone with Anil and share his lunch. Initially, Aarya was scared but Tani was able to persuade him.
Aarya did the same. He went to all the boys and asked them in a trembling voice, “May I sit with you all? I have got club sandwiches today. You all can have.”
Everyone looked at each other’s faces and Anil replied, “Yes, yes, come. The sandwiches were very tasty that day. I’ll eat again. And gradually, everyone ate.
This was the fresh start. They shared, they ate, they laughed, they played.
Tani had figured out the sole reason of her son’s sadness. Because he had no friends. He had no one with whom he could share his food, with whom he could play.
But the ultimate solution was the sharing of lunchbox. Food is indeed the way to heart. She taught her son to share. Because sharing increases the amount of love and happiness.
They say,
 “If shared, happiness is doubled, and so is food!”

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014


The gates are now open,
The balloons are tied in a bun,
The red carpet is on the way,
The guests are lucky and gay!

The violin is melodious,
The cuisine is delicious,
The curtains are shimmering,
The wind-chimes are tinkling!

The clock wishes to tickle at Twelve,
The champagne is now ready on the shelf,
The house looks like an Opera,
The cake itself is the aura!

It’s not mere a birthday,
It’s actually a glorious day,
A very happy b’day my dear,
May god bless you,
Let’s cheer!

YELLOWPEPPER is always ready for celebrating your events the way you want. So come to us, feel free, tell us your wants and bang! You are done!
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Monday, 13 October 2014


Dream-food! Love-food! Drink-food! Think-food! Work-food! Party-food! Sleep-food! What else? Ofcourse you are a foodie when you have nothing more important in this Universe than food! Let’s look at the 13 strange things that all the foodies do!

1-  THE UNPRONOUNCEABLE NAME: Sounds good the name, dish enters the fame! Yeah,         exactly. Every that person who is a lover of food, who is a dreamer of food, would try anything and everything. No matter, what are the ingredients, no matter if he’s allergic to some XYZ ingredient, the trial of a new name ultimately becomes the utmost compulsion. And if there arises a dilemma and the details are asked from the-serving guy, and the worst part, the outcome is not tasty, then as a matter of fact the guy you took suggestion from is to be blamed and not the chef, not you and ofcourse not your insufficient knowledge!

2- THE LAST COIN: Money doesn’t matter, food does! The last penny in your pocket is always for food just like the last piece of Raj’s heart is always for Simran. Be it a 20/- cold sandwhich, or be it a buffet, money has no value in comparison to food. Food ultimately becomes the most precious and expensive thing on your hit-list!

3- DOOR-K-RISHTEDAAR KI SHAADI: The sole reason to attend any wedding of your door-k rishtedaar is the expandable variety of food! Do not lie to yourself and accept it as a matter of fact that you do either eat less or skip your meal one day before the day you are supposed to attend the wedding. And hey, you are surely not aware of the names of two lucky persons who are going to take vows, right? Well, that doesn’t matter even.

4- SLEEPOVER? : Sleepover? With friends? Yes! (Food is must). With cousins? Yes! (Food is must). Hostel? Yes! (Food is must). Alone? Yes! (Food is must). No matter with whom, where and when and why are you sleeping, food becomes the basic human need during night hours. If you are watching a movie, if you are reading a novel, if you are listening songs, if you are gossiping with friends, if you are watching f.r.i.e.n.d.s, if you are chatting on phone or if you are staring at the ceiling fan! The food has to be there. And has to be means HAS TO BE. Ekta Kapoor can skip her twist for a week, but you can just not miss the food. That simply violates the law of a foodie!

5- THE NOT-SHARING TRAIT: Bang! It’s a public place and unfortunately sharing of food becomes the proof of your good upbringings, etiquettes, manners and moral values. Just one bite is shared and no one gets hurt. More than bite and you are the next recipient of Anaconda’s bite.

6- LET'S GET IT PACKED: Oh yeah! Let’s get a take-away item! And open it in the mid-way of road instead of destination! That is the indeed sign of your tummy being a well. Get the food, eat the food and repeat, irrespective of the timings, location, mood and your need! And yes.. ofcourse the mention of opening it in the mid-way and eating it there only because you just can’t resist and the travelers are simply invisible to both your eyeballs and hence, they are the ultimate sufferers! And the reason you can’t hear their horns is you are suddenly a temporarily deaf person! Yes, you read right. Deaf.

7- EWW, HE LIKES KARELA: Well, this one can be a symptom of mental retardation. Get yourself to the nearest doctor ASAP. Because yes, this is the truth now, YOU HAVE STARTED JUDGING A PERSON’S NATURE AND ATTITUDE BY WHAT HE/SHE EATS! See a person eating Dal-Roti in a party and he’s no less than Aloknath! And if it’s a pizza on his table, he’s the cool dude Bob Marley and you are honestly behaving like a Satan. Yes. Satan it is.

8-  EATING STONES:  Ouch! Sorry to mention it too late on no.8, but yeah.. Facebook checkins are a necessity to flaunt your exotic and lavish  taste of food. Virtual media here is your best friend because ofcourse, for cheap and best and new buffets, you are 24*7 hitting Enter on Google! After all, Google is the ultimate search-kitchen for good food and their discounted coupons too!

9-  AND THE FOOD IS FREE: There is a sale! And they are giving food free with the outfits! And its miles away! So what? That is not important at all. AT ALL. What is important is you are getting food free worth Rs.50/- by paying Rs.2000/- for some unnecessary outfit and Rs.200/- for petrol! Yeah.. accept it, foodies do this too!

10-  THE VICINITY SHOULD BE FOODIE: Your soulmate, your classmate, your tutionamate, your roommate, your friendmate, your everymate i.e. every person close to you should be a foodie! That is a legitimate law of life. It gives you the utter satiation because you do not have to fold your hands and beg in front of anyone to give you a company to look weird at the food outlets.

11- I HEARD IT, I WANT IT: Reading newspaper, listening to radio, studying or doing whatsoever in your life  but the foodie just heard an inch of food! Now, it’s a matter of life or death, a matter of live or die, for the time being, you can consider your food your oxygen mask or an emergency to pee. Consider what you prefer!

12- STREET CALLING:  Golgappe wala becomes the best man of your city and your life. Complete 15 minutes of your daily-routine will revolve around him no matter what the season is or what the day is! If no golgappe wala , then some bhelpuri wala or some chana-kulcha wala but there has to be some wala!

13- VOID MANNERS: In one short line, you forget all your table manners when you see food. On every day, every occasion.

Saturday, 11 October 2014


So, today is Karva. It’s a day which every woman and man or we better say, a couple loves. The day of remarkable love. The day cherished. The day when relationships are further nurtured. But while your lady is fasting for you, don’t you think you should take her to a party where she can pass her time! Where she can have more and more enjoy on this special occasion! Where she can go with all her active mind and soul!

What we mean is take her to a THEME PARTY!

YES, YOU GOT US RIGHT! Today is the day when she wishes to get ready for you, look beautiful for you, look like a diva only for you, why not give her a better chance! Throw a party with any and every theme, may be her favorite one! May be a bollywood style or a soap opera!

 Now what? Trouble finding the perfect place for the best theme party for your darling friends and family?
Here is YELLOWPEPPER always at your services. Decide your theme and rest is our responsibility! You say it and we have it! stay tuned!

Friday, 10 October 2014


It’s always important to understand the double meanings. Lol! The live example is here. Like our lives are always indulged in good and bad times, food is also divided into bitter and sweet.
Every chapter of our life gives us a new and learning experience. Be it a happy one or a sad one.
And so does the food.
If we are talking of food, then it really matters how is a dish cooked, served and garnished! If it clears the three steps, then it is well known as  Paisa-Wasool dish!
When it comes to Indians, then they are emotionally attached with food!

A Bahu is always judged on behalf of how does she cook and serve! Isn’t that a taboo? Before a girl is wed, her mother keeps on reminding her, “No one will marry you, if you chapati is not round!” If a guy isn’t working, then he has to bear his neighbours and relatives taunts, “Kuch kr le, nai to auraton ki tarah rotiyan banaio!” If you tease a guy or convince him for his wedding, you’d say, “Bhai ab roti bnane wali le aa, maa se ab nai hota!” In school, the best friend was made on behalf of the best lunchbox. In college, most money was made on canteen. In office, the finest time spent is on the table with food and not with computer machines!

And thereby, food is the need of our lives. Scientifically and emotionally!

Every dish has its own aspects. Be it a Karela or a Roshgulla!   There must be some people who find Karela as a mouth-watering dish, though it tops the hit-list of doctors (for their patients  ofcourse). And the other side, there must be lovers and haters of Roshgulla too! What we point is:- try and have all the delicacies that you can have. Food to humans is love to animals! It’s not rare, but it should be the best. It is the best actually.

In nut shell, this is the importance of food. So respect it, eat it, have it and share it.

And ofcourse, have the best of it!
With yellopepper  

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Like the title says, you can’t please everyone but food can. Tummy is the way to heart! Atleast in case of we Indians.  So, to celebrate, get the best food. Need help? Unable to cook different cuisines? A huge gathering? An important celebration that you wish to recall as a memorable  one? Well, the answer lies on your screen right now. Tune to Yellowpepper. We are here providing our catering services to you. Mughlai, Chinese, Continental, Mexican, Thai, Punjabi, Rajasthani or whatever you wish to have. No need of whisking here and there, its anything and everything under one roof. It’s the cause and the food that invites your guests’ soul to your party. So we at Yellowpepper do our best, cook our best and serve our best to please you and your guests. 
We suggest you to throw a poised bash and our word is a word of promise and thereby, you take care of yourself and we'l take care of your work!