Sunday, 23 November 2014


They say, "Punjabis have the widest heart!" No matter what the topic is, they have the hearts larger than a sports ground. And so are their recipies!

 Healthy, heavy, spiced-up, oily and ofcourse loads and loads of love! Punjabis are indeed famous for their food and the love that they pour in their food! No tummy can stay hungry if it's eyes see a Punjabi Thali. 

YELLOWPEPPER brings you a huge and massive variety of DELICIOUS PUNJABI Food! Sarson Da Saag te Makki Di Roti, Lassi, Dal Makhni, Chole Bhature, Pudine Ki Chatni, Aaloo ke Parathe and much more! Mark our words, your taste buds will be doing Bhangra after they have this cuisine!

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