Friday, 9 January 2015


Well, the corporate world does not always do work, IT EATS TOO!

1- SURPRISE: What you have in your tiffin-box is like a twist of Abbas Mastan’s tale. Clock strikes 2 and there the curiosity’s arrow hits you.

2- TIRCHI NIGAHEIN:  You simply have to prove yourself, your talent of peeping into every tiffin present on your table via tirchi nigahein and if your taste buds tempt you, Satan instantly hits you!

3- YOU ARE NOW SICK: Yeah right, this is that urge of getting some good food; else you need to be admitted in an Intensive Care Unit. SOME JUNK FOOD. YOU ARE A JUNKIE.

4- #NonVegKhilaDoBas: From out of the blue- “Jab koi cheez aapko bahut jyada chahiye hoti hai, tab vo cheez aapko attitude dikhati hai.” Shit Happens.

5- TING TONG, ORDER: I-have-a-job-I-can-order syndrome is once again diagnosed.

6- NO PAISA: And bang! Either end of month or saving for [papa/mummy/bhaiya/didi/girlfriend/boyfriend/padosi/padosi ka chacha]’s birthday. Suffice to say.

7- CURSE THE COOK: Yeah, you read it right. You really do curse your landlady at this moment of time.

8- GOOD TIFFIN: Well, ignore all the above points if the food inside your lunchbox is way too awesome.

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