Thursday, 26 February 2015


Here is a write up by one of our practical fans! Before you start feeling upset about the wrong deeds, celebrate the right ones! We are always here for your help! 

The write up defines how a human compares himself with a telephone. The human ain't accepted by anyone or everyone but the telephone is. The telephone brings the good news, bad news, fake terms, is thoughtless and yet is acceptable by all. No one wants to stay away from 'HIM' The telephone has been personified as a diplomat human who is accepted by all.

Look at him, so sublime and maverick,
An abstract beauty, like a painted brick,
Demure and profound at the same time,
Resting on a table, arms inclined.

He has a void conjecture,
Yet he is a recipient of accolades,
Why is the zest invoked?
The callous one has no thoughtful waves.

The moment he opens his mouth,
None at all refrains.
The second he shuts his mouth,
Everyone’s in a repent-pain.

No, he ain’t blatant,
Neither is he a mammoth of vanity,
He brings both hoax and faux,
And also the gifts of serenity!

He has the courage,
He possesses the valor,
Not at all rendezvous,
He’s been the bad news’ sailor.

Yet no one wants him miles away,
The grief vanishes and smiles sway.

They accept his diplomacy,
Hence, I despise this human nature.
What’s insane in me?
I am just a tussling creature!

Of course, I envy,
I wish to be him,
He says anything,
No matter, it’s a whim.

They say, “His girlfriend is *Hello*.”
And he doesn’t mind saying a pretty *Bye*.
Whenever someone disconnects with him,
He doesn’t care, I do. Why?

Thanks to the technology,
I’ve a modernized version of him,
Earlier he was a Landline,
Now he’s mere a SIM!
                                         -An anonymous fan of celebrations!



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