Thursday, 9 April 2015


They were the three identical, inseparable brothers. Brothers for life. Always glued to each other.

Neither one could, nor did one want to apart them. Even they always sat chronologically. They were indeed conscious of their positions. It was something, that mattered, or may be, only mattered!

They were always pampered and loved. Everyone took their meticulous care, but not equivalently. The second brother wasn’t paid attention much and because of this, the third one used to mock him, the first one didn’t bother of such issues.

One beautiful day, the second brother asked both of them the root cause.

“Why does everyone differentiate with me? Why don’t they love me? What’s wrong with me? I look like both of you. I wear the same clothes. We run the same business. What is the difference?”

“So what, if you look like us, you can never be one of us. You aren’t fast, you aren’t cheerful like us. In fact, you are always with that gloomy face, which slows down our party-mood. You are such a nerd, such a geek. And hey, even if you don’t participate in the business, it won’t matter. Because you even run the business in such a slow and a dull way. Even if you aren’t in the business, we both can still run it with a faster pace. It will never ever drown. Our hands are safe hands. We don’t need you. Your existence has no vibes. It’s null.” Said the third one.

That night, he backed off from the business and none could save it.
The Break failed and neither Clutch nor Accelerator could stop the car accident.

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