Monday, 22 December 2014


Well, who doesn't love to be a guest at a party! But wouldn't it be better if your host receives you with the same affection, he/she received you last time? Lunch or Dinner is actually the protagonist of the evening. Your crux of the party will always revolve around food. So, if your tongue and taste buds are greeted by luscious food, then your aura ought to welcome the table, the same way.  Thereby, before you step into a galore of lights and lamps, make sure your brain cells remember all the cosmopolitan table manners.

So, here we bring you some common and genuine table manners that if you always remember and follow, you will never grab any pair of eyeballs loathing you.

The moment you sit, place the napkins on your lap. And the moment you leave, put the napkins unfolded on the left of your sitting.

Sit at a comfortable distance from the table, so that your elbows when bent with hands are properly leveled with respective to knives and forks.

Hands in the lap and elbows not on the table- remember this always.

Even if the dish is already on your plate, wait till everyone is served. 

Match your speed of eating with your companions of the table. 

Keep your mouth closed whilst you eat and also do not make any kind of noise.

Talking while you are eating is completely disguising at all costs. So, always avoid it.

Fork in the left hand and knife in the right hand. When you are done with your plates, put your fork and knife together on your plate, with tines facing upwards.

No matter, your taste buds complemented the taste of food or not, your tongue should always compliment the cook or the host.

So, these were some basic guidelines. Let us know if you wish to know further details on this or any other aspect.

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