Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Like a full stop is necessary for the completion of a perfect sentence, so is a dessert for a perfect meal! We Indians really have a thing for Meetha. If it’s an occasion or lucky, auspicious, happy day, there has to be some or the other thing in Meetha! 

It’s the homecoming of the son!
Daughter’s wedding has been decided!
Little kid got good marks in exam!
Brother got promoted!
Friend got a new phone!

No matter what the case or situation or occasion is, if there is no dessert, the day hasn’t ended yet! We won’t be wrong if we say that yes, we Indians find little excuses for delighting moments so that we can simply celebrate! 

YELLOWPEPPER brings you a vast variety of DELICIOUS DESSERTS! We have all your favourite options with us. 

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