Sunday, 26 October 2014


1- DRY FRUIT: Dry fruits have a special reserved quota in your serving trays. These little elements are actually the delicacies of festive season. They have their own aura, so serve these for sure because these definitely boost the festive feeling.

2- SWEETS: Sweets are indeed the essence of our lives. No matter which festival it is, sweets are must. They are actually the sole of our festival. So serve all the evergreen favourites like Gulabjamun, Shakkarpaare, Jalebi  to your guests and they'll surely leave with a heart touching smile.

3- BAKED COOKIES: There are many type of people in the world and one type covers those who are not much into sweets. Though it's ironical in case of Indians but to be at a safer side, serve baked cookies. These will continue the festive mood and anti-sweets person would surely love it as well.

4- HALWA: The fragrance of Halwa; that reaches even outside your home; gives a message to everyone that yes! There is something special. Something good. Something auspicious. Something like a festival. So, bless your kitchen with any kind of Halwa may be, Sooji, Aata or Moong ki daal too!

5- KHEER/CUSTAD: The same elegance and mood is passed by these two delicacies. Your taste buds would love to have some Indian ritual taste as a culture.

6- CORNS: Well, don't take sweets and Meetha over the top. Every that person who you'd be greeting, would already have enough of Meetha, so serve something that's a bit different. Serve corns because these are definitely light for your tummy and in terms of taste, they surely do not have much competitors.

7- CUTLETS/PAKODAS: Cutlets or Pakodas are tastier and they keep enlightening up the festive spirit. These are easy and fast to cook so serve these. Above all, everyone loves them.

8- IDLI: Just an Idli with a vegetable tadka or rai & hari mirch tadka would work. This dish looks so familiar while serving and hence, everyone already have a pre-developed taste for it. It will as a matter of fact sparkle your ambiance.

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