Monday, 13 October 2014


Dream-food! Love-food! Drink-food! Think-food! Work-food! Party-food! Sleep-food! What else? Ofcourse you are a foodie when you have nothing more important in this Universe than food! Let’s look at the 13 strange things that all the foodies do!

1-  THE UNPRONOUNCEABLE NAME: Sounds good the name, dish enters the fame! Yeah,         exactly. Every that person who is a lover of food, who is a dreamer of food, would try anything and everything. No matter, what are the ingredients, no matter if he’s allergic to some XYZ ingredient, the trial of a new name ultimately becomes the utmost compulsion. And if there arises a dilemma and the details are asked from the-serving guy, and the worst part, the outcome is not tasty, then as a matter of fact the guy you took suggestion from is to be blamed and not the chef, not you and ofcourse not your insufficient knowledge!

2- THE LAST COIN: Money doesn’t matter, food does! The last penny in your pocket is always for food just like the last piece of Raj’s heart is always for Simran. Be it a 20/- cold sandwhich, or be it a buffet, money has no value in comparison to food. Food ultimately becomes the most precious and expensive thing on your hit-list!

3- DOOR-K-RISHTEDAAR KI SHAADI: The sole reason to attend any wedding of your door-k rishtedaar is the expandable variety of food! Do not lie to yourself and accept it as a matter of fact that you do either eat less or skip your meal one day before the day you are supposed to attend the wedding. And hey, you are surely not aware of the names of two lucky persons who are going to take vows, right? Well, that doesn’t matter even.

4- SLEEPOVER? : Sleepover? With friends? Yes! (Food is must). With cousins? Yes! (Food is must). Hostel? Yes! (Food is must). Alone? Yes! (Food is must). No matter with whom, where and when and why are you sleeping, food becomes the basic human need during night hours. If you are watching a movie, if you are reading a novel, if you are listening songs, if you are gossiping with friends, if you are watching f.r.i.e.n.d.s, if you are chatting on phone or if you are staring at the ceiling fan! The food has to be there. And has to be means HAS TO BE. Ekta Kapoor can skip her twist for a week, but you can just not miss the food. That simply violates the law of a foodie!

5- THE NOT-SHARING TRAIT: Bang! It’s a public place and unfortunately sharing of food becomes the proof of your good upbringings, etiquettes, manners and moral values. Just one bite is shared and no one gets hurt. More than bite and you are the next recipient of Anaconda’s bite.

6- LET'S GET IT PACKED: Oh yeah! Let’s get a take-away item! And open it in the mid-way of road instead of destination! That is the indeed sign of your tummy being a well. Get the food, eat the food and repeat, irrespective of the timings, location, mood and your need! And yes.. ofcourse the mention of opening it in the mid-way and eating it there only because you just can’t resist and the travelers are simply invisible to both your eyeballs and hence, they are the ultimate sufferers! And the reason you can’t hear their horns is you are suddenly a temporarily deaf person! Yes, you read right. Deaf.

7- EWW, HE LIKES KARELA: Well, this one can be a symptom of mental retardation. Get yourself to the nearest doctor ASAP. Because yes, this is the truth now, YOU HAVE STARTED JUDGING A PERSON’S NATURE AND ATTITUDE BY WHAT HE/SHE EATS! See a person eating Dal-Roti in a party and he’s no less than Aloknath! And if it’s a pizza on his table, he’s the cool dude Bob Marley and you are honestly behaving like a Satan. Yes. Satan it is.

8-  EATING STONES:  Ouch! Sorry to mention it too late on no.8, but yeah.. Facebook checkins are a necessity to flaunt your exotic and lavish  taste of food. Virtual media here is your best friend because ofcourse, for cheap and best and new buffets, you are 24*7 hitting Enter on Google! After all, Google is the ultimate search-kitchen for good food and their discounted coupons too!

9-  AND THE FOOD IS FREE: There is a sale! And they are giving food free with the outfits! And its miles away! So what? That is not important at all. AT ALL. What is important is you are getting food free worth Rs.50/- by paying Rs.2000/- for some unnecessary outfit and Rs.200/- for petrol! Yeah.. accept it, foodies do this too!

10-  THE VICINITY SHOULD BE FOODIE: Your soulmate, your classmate, your tutionamate, your roommate, your friendmate, your everymate i.e. every person close to you should be a foodie! That is a legitimate law of life. It gives you the utter satiation because you do not have to fold your hands and beg in front of anyone to give you a company to look weird at the food outlets.

11- I HEARD IT, I WANT IT: Reading newspaper, listening to radio, studying or doing whatsoever in your life  but the foodie just heard an inch of food! Now, it’s a matter of life or death, a matter of live or die, for the time being, you can consider your food your oxygen mask or an emergency to pee. Consider what you prefer!

12- STREET CALLING:  Golgappe wala becomes the best man of your city and your life. Complete 15 minutes of your daily-routine will revolve around him no matter what the season is or what the day is! If no golgappe wala , then some bhelpuri wala or some chana-kulcha wala but there has to be some wala!

13- VOID MANNERS: In one short line, you forget all your table manners when you see food. On every day, every occasion.

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