Friday, 17 October 2014


Indians' second home is where food is! And even when their tummy has no space for a single inch, it does have for something and that something is SAMOSA! No matter, how completely filled their tummy is, it is always on for a samosa!
We bring you 9 different forms of samosa which you could not have heard of:-

1- AALOO SAMOSA: It is the most common samosa and when you hear the word samosa, this type always strikes to your brain cells. Made of boiled mashed potatoes, it is undoubtedly one would die for.

2- PIZZA SAMOSA: The Italian version of samosa is here. Made up of all the pizza stuff like mayonnaise sauce and origano, this definitely is mouth-watering.

3- MACRONI/PASTA SAMOSA: One more modernised version of samosa is here with us. Macroni/pasta is a dish that attracts every foody and therefore, the chefs have a very reasonable reason to invent this kind of samosa.

4- VEG KEEMA SAMOSA: This one is made in the form of keema which is entirely vegetarian. With all the spices of cauliflower, this is indeed an invention for taste buds.

5- CHOWMEIN SAMOSA: Here is the Chinese version now. We Indians have a taste for Chinese food, so surely this one is also OUR food.

6- SHAHI PANEER: The favorite dish of anyone or everyone is undoubtedly this one. So, a trial with shahi paneer is obviously worth a shot.

7- CHILLI PANEER: Again, with all the capsicums and paneer, we have this spicy form. Try it and you'll thank us.

8- MATAR PANEER: Paneer should be known as our National food because we simply need an opportunity to mix and match it with anything. It's time for peas now.

9- GUJIYA: It is a sweet samosa or we can better call it samosi. Quite sweet in taste, it is specially eaten on the occasion of Holi.
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