Saturday, 11 October 2014


So, today is Karva. It’s a day which every woman and man or we better say, a couple loves. The day of remarkable love. The day cherished. The day when relationships are further nurtured. But while your lady is fasting for you, don’t you think you should take her to a party where she can pass her time! Where she can have more and more enjoy on this special occasion! Where she can go with all her active mind and soul!

What we mean is take her to a THEME PARTY!

YES, YOU GOT US RIGHT! Today is the day when she wishes to get ready for you, look beautiful for you, look like a diva only for you, why not give her a better chance! Throw a party with any and every theme, may be her favorite one! May be a bollywood style or a soap opera!

 Now what? Trouble finding the perfect place for the best theme party for your darling friends and family?
Here is YELLOWPEPPER always at your services. Decide your theme and rest is our responsibility! You say it and we have it! stay tuned!

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