Friday, 10 October 2014


It’s always important to understand the double meanings. Lol! The live example is here. Like our lives are always indulged in good and bad times, food is also divided into bitter and sweet.
Every chapter of our life gives us a new and learning experience. Be it a happy one or a sad one.
And so does the food.
If we are talking of food, then it really matters how is a dish cooked, served and garnished! If it clears the three steps, then it is well known as  Paisa-Wasool dish!
When it comes to Indians, then they are emotionally attached with food!

A Bahu is always judged on behalf of how does she cook and serve! Isn’t that a taboo? Before a girl is wed, her mother keeps on reminding her, “No one will marry you, if you chapati is not round!” If a guy isn’t working, then he has to bear his neighbours and relatives taunts, “Kuch kr le, nai to auraton ki tarah rotiyan banaio!” If you tease a guy or convince him for his wedding, you’d say, “Bhai ab roti bnane wali le aa, maa se ab nai hota!” In school, the best friend was made on behalf of the best lunchbox. In college, most money was made on canteen. In office, the finest time spent is on the table with food and not with computer machines!

And thereby, food is the need of our lives. Scientifically and emotionally!

Every dish has its own aspects. Be it a Karela or a Roshgulla!   There must be some people who find Karela as a mouth-watering dish, though it tops the hit-list of doctors (for their patients  ofcourse). And the other side, there must be lovers and haters of Roshgulla too! What we point is:- try and have all the delicacies that you can have. Food to humans is love to animals! It’s not rare, but it should be the best. It is the best actually.

In nut shell, this is the importance of food. So respect it, eat it, have it and share it.

And ofcourse, have the best of it!
With yellopepper  

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